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Hardware drivers download

(Common to: USB PET, USB CHUM, PSI. not needed for Bluetooth PET)

The file should be extracted using WinZip to a folder (Remember the location)

When plugging-in the USB system, direct the "New hardware found" wizard to that folder.

  • Download the latest drivers - Tested on Xp, Win7, Win8/8.1 Win10 32/64 bit

  • In case the above drivers do not work, please mail you may also try to Download an older version of the drivers (NOT digitally signed, works on XP, Win7)


In case the "new hardware found" wizard does not start when you plug-in the system

Follow those steps:

  • start device manager [Start]-(Right click)[Computer]-[Properties]-[Device manager]

  • plug in the PET/CHUM

  • locate the PET/CHUM icon under [Universal serial bus controllers] or [Other devices]

  • right click the PET/CHUM icon and select [Update driver software]

  • Instruct the [new hardware found] wizard to locate the drivers on the folder into which you have extracted the driver files


CHUM and PET (Evaluation)

Evaluation versions of our production software
The evaluation versions are identical to the production software. However - the hardware data source defaults to a software simulation.

Ask for the evaluation version


Need CHUM, PET software

Free download of the latest versions
This area is open to our users only. Software upgrades are free for 10 years.
The software is not protected by a hardware plug and does not requires any registration.

Login to the user community


What pile size can be checked with pile integrity test method using PET

It depends on the Length to diameter L/d ratio and ground SPT value.

Use the basic guidline appeareing in this article 

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